Purdue Men’s Lacrosse Graduating Seniors 2019

Published by Ben Vaupen at 11:00 AM

As the year comes to a close and summer begins, it is important to highlight what our graduated seniors are moving onto now that their collegiate lacrosse careers have ended.

Eli Honebrink – Eli was awarded 1st team all conference for short stick defensive midfield for his final season as a boilermaker. This Minnesotan graduated with a degree in Agricultural engineering and now is going on to tackle some unfamiliar terrain in the Big Apple while he looks for a job!

Rory Fegan – Rory had a fantastic senior year as he battled through some injuries. He racked up double digits in both goals and assists, and served as a fantastic captain and influencer for the team this year. He will be returning home to Chicago as he looks to put his Mechanical Engineering degree to use with Siemens as an associate consult in the digital factory sector.

Evan Sattler – Evan was unstoppable this year racking up over 20 goals for his fourth consecutive year. He has made such an impact to this program over his collegiate career as a player and a leader. Post-graduation, Evan loved Carmel so much he decided to return home as he begins work at MISO Energy as a Quality Process Analyst.

Henry Pluss – Henry Pluss will be stepping away from his jawbreaking career at Purdue to travel back to the great state of Texas and live with his girlfriend in Austin as she attends law school at the University of Texas. Henry does not have job yet but he is actively looking for an Industrial Engineering job and possibly a coaching job in the Austin area.

Sachin Khadse – Sachin is happy to graduate from Purdue but is sad his lacrosse career is over. He only played for one year but his impact is not to be overlooked. He jumped between midfield and attack, and overall stepped into whatever role the team needed him to be. He is currently still looking for a job in mechanical engineering, but eventually his goal is to go onto management and start his own business.

Connor Sullivan – Connor, or as he is known on the team, “Sully” , just couldn’t get enough of school and is now moving on to graduate school at either IUPUI or Manchester University as he begins work as an athletic trainer. Looking forward to seeing you at alumni weekend!

Jake Conrad – It wasn’t until just now when I am writing this article that I learned Jake’s real name. For as long as I can remember, everyone (friends, teammates, coaches, teachers, etc.) called him Chops. Regardless of name, Chops was such a big influence on team morale both on and off the field. We will truly miss you Chops, but wish you the best of luck as you begin your career at R.K. Conrad inc. General Contracting (Construction).

We hope you all had a fantastic graduation and we know you are all going to do big things in the real world.

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