Purdue Seeks Offensive and Defensive Coordinators

Published by Dalton Garrett 5/19/2019 at 2:55 pm

The Purdue University men’s lacrosse team is looking for qualified candidates for the offensive and defensive coordinator positions for the 2019-2020 season.

The Boilermakers compete in MCLA Division I as members of the Upper Midwest Lacrosse Conference. They’re looking for staff additions that will help them reach their goal to qualify for the 2020 MCLA National Championship powered by Under Armour in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Job Requirements:

– Lacrosse experience and previous coaching experience at the high school or collegiate level

– A passion for coaching student-athletes and promoting whole person development on and off the field

– Willingness to work with the head coach and officers of the team to improve team performance, university recognition, and coordinate an effective practice and game schedule.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

– Individual player development

– Formation of practice plans

– Ability to effectively communicate ideas

– Player feedback

– Formation of game plans

– Assisting in game day facility set-up

– Mentorship of young men

– Assisting in recruiting process

– Respecting the academic commitments of the players

– Building a demanding schedule for the Fall and Spring seasons

The Purdue Men’s Lacrosse team is highly competitive within the UMLC and is looking to compete at the national level. The team consists of highly-motivated student-athletes who share a passion for lacrosse, and hold themselves to Purdue’s high academic standard. Therefore, the team is looking for assistant coaches who can make the team better, but keeps the team values paramount.

Each applicant will remain in contact with the officers and head coach of the team and will undergo multiple interviews. In addition, it is asked that a resume be provided by each applicant.

Salary will be ultimately determined by the officers, who will make the decision based on the feedback of the team as a whole. If interested, contact President Dalton Garrett (daltong@purdue.edu) and Head Coach Dan Sahm (dsahm.pml@gmail.com).

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