Boilermaker’s Off-season Update

Published by Ben Vaupen at 4:00 pm

We hope everyone is having a great summer so far! Now that summer has really taken off, let’s check in and see what the Boilers are up to.

Wills Brown – Wills made a large impact on the team this year. After sustaining a season ending injury, he came back and helped the team with stat keeping and clock management . Now with his offseason, he has gone abroad to Australia to do an accounting internship while taking some classes there.

Joel Hardy – Joel will be doing his nature thing this summer as he interns with Soil Engineering and Testing Consultants.

Alex Babcock – Alex “Babo Sweeney” Babcock has also decided to take his talents abroad. He is spending the first month of summer in London studying principles of marketing and political structure of the European Union. He then will be coming back to complete an internship with Cushman and Wakefield in Indianapolis with the team’s good friend, former Miami Dolphin and Purdue Alumnus, Ryan Baker.

Daniel Plue – Dan “Bad Boy” Plue was not on campus this spring but managed to make it to a lot of games to help out with stat keeping and clock management. Plue will be finishing up his co-op rotation that he began this spring in New Albany, Indiana with Samtec.

Jack Mattson – Jack “Tex” Mattson was excellent in his first year taking faceoffs for the Boilers. He is starting his political career working for the mayor of Jarrell, Texas. Good luck Jack!

Chris Kosiba – The Baltimore Sushi Chef has relocated to North Carolina for the summer after an excellent season of leading the Boilermaker Midfielders. He is currently working for Lowes at one of their distribution centers in Thomasville, North Carolina.  

Lawrence Tisdale – Larry has taken up a real job as he waits for his Lettuce and Lumber business to take off. Larry is working in Chicago as an IT Resident Intern at a tech company called Entara.

Spencer Kline – Spencer had an award winning season for the Boilers and now is using his amazing coding skills to intern in Downtown Cleveland. He is completing his internship with AXS as a software engineer.

Dalton Garrett – Dalton “El Presidente” Garrett will be taking the summer off from fishing and being a “Florida Man” to complete an internship with Caterpillar in Peoria, IL.

Colin Cowie – Colin has been going through withdrawal since the season ended due to lack of reps. He is passing the time living with Larry in Chicago as he interns for Crowe as a cyber security consultant in the Financial sector. This man is out here saving companies from hackers.

Jaydon Turner – Jaydon is truly FTK this summer. He is a camp counselor this summer for 6 and 7 year olds at Conner Prairie in Fishers, IN.

Nick Korell – Nick has been a huge factor during both the season and offseason helping out with logistics and projects for next year. Nick is working at Boss Industries this summer (a generator/ compressor company) back home in LaPorte, IN.

Ben Vaupen – Ben “Nugget” Vaupen is spending his summer down on the West Virginia/ Virginia border as he completes an internship with WestRock, a paper and packaging solutions company in Covington, VA.  

Tommy Chandler – Tommy will be “back in the ‘Cut” working as a Project Management Intern at HPOne in Trumbull, CT.

We also have some scholarly fellows who stayed on campus this summer and decided to get ahead on school: Andrew “Culture” Golden, Brendan Donahue, Matt Streit, Brad “Male Lady Gaga” Backlund and some of our new recruits. Keep up the good work fellas!

Catch some of your favorite Boilermakers all around the world this summer and look out for us at PLL games or events in cities near you!

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